Posted on 2017/08/25

How to prevent and reduce Fraud in the Health Insurance industry

Fraud, abuse and waste represent key challenges for any Healthcare Insurer looking to address cost management. Such practices may be witnessed across the Health Insurance industry, from patients to healthcare providers and organisations. But observation cannot be p...

Posted on 2017/08/25

3 levers to reduce operational costs in health insurance

As we progress through the 21st century, health insurers are facing a new set of challenges. And cost optimisation lies right at the heart of them.

Posted on 2017/08/28

Digital solutions to better serve Health Insurance customers

The Health Insurance ecosystem is changing. Until a few years ago, insurers were mainly driven by risk; today, a customer-centric vision is at the heart of all their strategic decisions. The objective is to understand and address c...

Posted on 2018/01/12

Digital Healthcare Network assessment for better patient care

The Health Insurance world is changing. Positioned until yesterday as simple Healthcare Payers, increasingly insurers are looking to become Healthcare Partners. Three factors are behind this evolution: (1) the epidemiological contraction of disease...

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