E-health: what are the French habits?


According to our survey carried out with Argus de l’Assurance, 1 in 4 French people now has a connected object, and 45% of them say they are willing to regularly measure their physical activity. But how do the French really view connected health? What kind of connected objects do they have and what are their habits in terms of e-health?

Connected objects: towards democratisation

Gone are the days when connected objects were gadgets with limited usefulness! More and more French people are becoming addicted to them!

In fact, year after year, household ownership of connected objects is rising at an ever-increasing rate. All of the sector specialists believe that this segment of the self-care market is set to really take off in the coming years. Our survey carried out with Argus de l'Assurance had similar findings. In fact, 16% of French people (and 24% of millennials) surveyed said they own a connected watch. 13% said they had bought a connected speaker, 5% connected scales, 3% other connected objects for measuring physical activity (collar, armband, etc.) and finally, 3% a connected object provided by their doctor (blood pressure monitor, etc.). The bottom line? 1 in 3 French people own at least one of these objects. No less! And the trend is not about to be reversed.

45% of French people measure their physical activity

However, some obstacles still stand in the way of the acquisition of connected objects. The arguments are well-known: too expensive (53%), the lack of usefulness/benefits (35%) and finally, personal data security (32%). However, a weak signal should get our full attention: 45% of French people say that they now measure their physical activity “at least from time to time”, even though they primarily use their smartphone to do so. When examined closely, the frequency of measurement remains quite disparate depending on the individuals, their socio-professional category and their relationship with digital technology and the IoT... However, for some, the practice has become instinctive. 18% of French people surveyed say they measure their physical activity all the time and this figure even rises to 47% for owners of connected watches.

The French concerned by their physical well-being and health

Even though the French consider themselves to be quite healthy, this does not stop them setting themselves goals, such as losing weight, exercising more, eating a healthier diet, reducing sleep disorders or even, in our current health context, reducing the risk of virus transmission. Clearly, physical well-being and health are major concerns for the French, especially for young people, who see connected objects as an effective means of achieving their goals.



Want to learn more about e-health? We have devoted a white paper to finding out what the French really think. By downloading it, you will find the detailed results of our survey carried out with L’Argus de l'assurance among a panel of 1000 policyholders.

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