Teleconsultation: an opportunity for insurers?

Teleconsultation: an opportunity for insurers? - Image

The use of teleconsultation is developing and opening up new perspectives: access for all to quality care, the fight against medical deserts, reinforced health security, and the freeing up of medical time. However, what is the role to be played by insurers?

A real potential

Despite its many advantages, teleconsultation is still unknown to the general public. In fact, very few people identify the services offered by their top-up health insurance provider. To illustrate this, only 9% of French people who have had teleconsultations have gone through the services of their top-up health insurance provider. The reason is simple: 61% of French people know for sure that a teleconsultation appointment can be made via a website, yet only 15% share this realisation as regards top-up health insurance providers’ websites.

The gap, indicative of the digital shift of top-up health insurance providers, is immense. But the potential is very real since insurers enjoy a very good level of trust with their customers. 81% of policyholders say that they trust their top-up health insurance provider as regards personal data security and 79% as regards expertise and quality of health services (teleconsultation, etc.). So all insurers have to do is make their offers known. The preferred channel? The mobile app. Indeed, 46% of French people who have already practised teleconsultation would have downloaded their insurer’s app.

Insurers have a role to play in this development and in this market, provided they make their services known and offer them; they therefore also have a place with their members not to be lost, yet which other operators are claiming.

Want to learn more about teleconsultation? We have devoted a white paper to finding out what the French really think. By downloading it, you will find the detailed results of our survey carried out with L’Argus de l'assurance among a panel of 1000 policyholders.

If you are interested in this topic, the Cegedim Insurance Solutions team is at your disposal to answer to all your questions.

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